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You are whole.

When was the last time you heard that from a coach, a therapist or a mentor? 
Maybe never.


Because many are in the business of convincing you they, not you, hold the keys
to your transformation...


Well love, I happen to be in the business of truth-telling and the truth is:

You already have everything you need to heal yourself and thrive in positions of power - in business and at home. 


Your unique healing blueprint is inside you already. The one that enables to you to be the force of nature you were always intended to be.

You may simply need a little guidance to unearth it yourself or someone to take the pilgrimage along with you.

Either way - I've got you.

But first, let's talk more about that blueprint...



Are you ready to uncover the most potent framework for claiming your wholeness, your greatness and all of life's fullness? 



When Joseph Campbell postulated ‘The Hero’s Journey,’ the shared human myth of a hero-heroine leaving behind everything known to go on an adventure, learn a lesson, win a victory with new knowledge and return home transformed, he may not have envisioned its applications for the hero-heroine courageously traversing and sanctifying their own inner landscapes, but I can.

Each of us are met throughout our lives with crucible upon crucible – situations of severe trial, in which different elements interact, leading to the creation of something new.

It is that later aspect of creation, of walking the fires of our own pain and experiences, our disowned sensations and memories, of building that bridge across the swampy marshes of our own subconscious to manifest in resounding clarity, that I believe, is the fundamental journey we are all here to undertake.


Resiliency, the ability of your nervous system to activate, hold intense sensation and then discharge, liberating what might otherwise become 'stuck,' unprocessed, system-draining energy, is the single most crucial capacity that wild women leading must possess.
And it's my job to show you how and why. 

Especially in times such as these, with worldwide pandemics and devastating wildfires, there is widespread grief over the piecemeal deconstruction of many aspects of our known, familiar lives and world.


So much needs to be moved through and resolved in our individual and collective nervous systems before the ‘new’ can truly be birthed.


Maybe you're looking to create deeper impact in your business or that version of you that magnetizes attention and commands the room or more potent devoted relationships... In all ways, I'm here to tell you that this world that stirs and stills is waiting for your soul that dances and dares.

The question is:

Are you ready to write

  your new story

    and the world's?  

Hey, I'm
Christine Ren

I'm a somatic coherence coach and psychedelic integration guide, residing in Boulder, Colorado.

I consider myself a trauma-informed investor in human potential -

But you can think of me as a talk therapist for the primal body and subconscious brain. 

Practicing the latest in Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing techniques, I help women thrive in positions of leadership - both in business and at home - by addressing the deeper neurophysiological layers that inform more surface-level mindset limitations, such as beliefs and false constructs, as well as persistent, non-serving behavioral patterns.

I empower women to claim their ability to be their own medicine by understanding, working with and re-patterning their own primal operating systems (their own nervous system physiology as governed by the primal brain vs. engaging only the logical mind, the prefrontal cortex).  

Drawing from an eclectic background of undergraduate and Master's degrees in scientific and anthropological disciplines, a former professional career as a dance performer and decade of consulting work with startups in Silicon Valley, I work both remotely with clients through nervous system-led upgrades to their human operating systems as well as locally in Boulder, CO, through in-water somatic re-patterning and psychedelic integration services.

My healing blueprint enables anyone and everyone to build the capacity to presence sensation and complete the thwarted survival responses necessary for living a whole, healthy, resilient personal & professional life full of possibility, power and depth.

My training includes:

  • Master’s degree in Marine Anthropology and B.A. in Biology gifting me a knowledge of the human body & interpersonal dynamics of people,

  • ​Psychedelic integration training through MAPS,

  • 120 hours in-water therapy sessions,

  • 25 year background in professional dance,

  • 100+ hours of training in Polyvagal Theory and Somatic Experiencing,

  • 150-hour certification in leading immersive visualization journeys from the Academy for Guided Imagery,

  • Coursework in traditional Tantric healing methods of wholeness with Luna Leona.

Here's how it works: 

About Her

Back to that truth thing for a 'sec though: This isn't about me. I founded my practice, Writes Her Way,  to accelerate women leaders towards their next quantum leaps in the world. Because let's be honest, the world needs wild women to rise (like yesterday). 

That's why I lead deep somatic engagement journeys, in and out of the water to: 


  • Release old patterns & past traumas,

  • Complete & clear unfinished nervous system cycles,

  • Re-stabilize the mind-body-spirt unit,

  • Build resiliency & architect possibility,

  • Create, manifest, shape and enact whatever life they can dream up. 

To that end, the 'Her' in 'Writes Her Way' is as much you as it is me love; us soft-fleshed, beating-hearted, big-dreaming human beings housed far too often in our layers of tiresome armor constructed over a lifetime to  protect us but that in truth, simply impedes us from our own harmonic greatness and life's truest fullness.

Here's what our journey looks like together:  


Healing Blueprint

You are your own medicine 

Have you ever wondered...

How you might be, feel and show up in the world if you stopped playing small?

Or how your life might look if you knew how to safely, securely, ecstatically meet the world in all its twists and turns with sensation-full presence?

Or whether it is possible for you to digest and integrate experiences, intense emotions and hardship swiftly with ease and grace to move-on in continued harmonic fullness?


Darling, I have great news.... you were built to do just that!

Our human operating system as I call it, the underlying physiology and biochemistry of our nervous system, was designed for that precisely - to charge (or activate) and then just as easily discharge and liberate the energy of dysregulation. 


However, we are seldom shown or taught, especially in our formative early years, how to regulate and work with our own human operating systems. So we form our own pathways to survive in response to what we deem at the time as threats and often threats that we can't escape from.

These often present in the form of deeply ingrained false constructs of self, limiting beliefs, defense mechanisms and patterns of behavior that at one time in our life greatly served us but as we grow older continue to perpetuate limiting patterns that we often shame and just can't shake, even if we are fully-functioning adults, with decent relationships, a job, home and traditional 'success.'

Having the courage to turn into your own being  and show up to those latent parts of you that need you, need someone, to show them to safety, surrender and trust, is the first step in you repairing your human operating system and activating your own healing pathways.


That's what I guide you in doing and it is my deepest honor to do so. 

Who is this work for?

If you ascribe to the axioms of stoicism, are an avid proponent of the movement spurred by the book 'How to Give Less F*&k's,' and employ or endorse some forms of meditative practice that lift you out of your felt, visceral human experience, this work may not be for you. 


I don't believe we signed on for this incarnate human experience in form to not hold paradox, embody and fully feel polarity. We consented to pain, suffering, constriction, limitation and restriction as much as we did to love, joy, synchronicity, pleasure and abundance. 


How do I know this? Because our human physiology from a scientifically-validated standpoint proves we are wired to do so. Yet our society is obsessed with ensuring our experience remains in that rosy-colored glasses 'positive' end of the emotional spectrum which leaves us often casting out, disowning and never fully feeling or integrating both parts of ourselves and experiences we may encounter.

Paradoxically, the more we push away cast-off parts of self and experience, the deeper they lodge in our unconscious (Jung called these 'Inner Others'), which has a primary operating directive to find their resolution and often does so through manifesting or drawing back into our physical plane of existence the exact people , personalities, experiences and circumstances so we can digest, integrate and find healing of them.


So my short answer to this question is:

This work is for everyone who is ready for it. I call this the 'Great Work' and I see it is as one of the fundamental reasons we are here on this planet, now, in these chaotic and uncertain times.

What we individually and collectively do not address, do not integrate, do not resolve, will pass down in the genetic lineages of future generations to solve and loves, that is a cycle we need to answer the call in taking ownership of ending

Okay, so what does the 'Great Work' actually entail?

Reclaiming resiliency as your birthright


Resiliency, the ability of your nervous system to activate, hold intense sensation and then discharge, liberating what might otherwise become 'stuck,' unprocessed, system-draining energy, is the pinnacle I wish to guide every client towards. 

But to be resilient, to truly do the 'Great Work,' you must have a large bandwidth for sensation that allow you to sit with the pain of the 'tough stuff' without dissociating, running or otherwise lifting out of the experience.


And to do that, you first have to be in the body.


And to be in the body, you have to feel safe, feel secure, have anchors and support to be able to trust and surrender.


So in this work, our first goal together is to discuss your current experience and where you'd ultimately like to get to which helps us establish metrics for success of our engagement but always, we state with creating or bolstering foundational levels of safety in the body - working with your embodied felt sense as well as your own subconscious's visuals.

The warm, fluid, womb-like qualities of guided in-water sessions is a perfect tool for encoding safety and security in your mind-body-spirit as well as later on in aiding the embodied felt-training of surrender and moving energy and experiences out of the body. 

Embodied safety anchors and visuals though are the fulcrum upon which we use to non-overwhelmingly begin to facilitate your nervous system to move or complex any unfinished circuits, any thwarted procedural survival responses using a blend of in and out of water somatic integration and guided imagery techniques. 

While the focus of my facilitation with individuals is at the somatic level, I actually don't believe that leaving the conscious mind entirely out of the healing equation is the best method. Working at the level of the nervous system physiology generates time and time again for clients the swiftest, most efficient, long term results and also, there are great merits to working concurrently with a licensed talk therapist. 

And what is trauma, really?

The term trauma is so entangled with a slew of unpleasant ones, like ‘victim,’ ‘broken,’ and ‘sufferer,’ that it’s no wonder so many decline to identify as ‘traumatized.’


To add complication to insult, most of us associate trauma only with extreme experiences, such as sexual abuse, domestic violence, natural disasters and war.


The truth is though, almost every one of us, living a full human life, experiences various types and degrees of trauma and none of those disgracious adjectives like ‘damaged’ or ‘invalid’ need apply.


A simple working definition of trauma is anything that is too much, too soon, too fast or too little, too slowly for your nervous system to handle, especially if a successful resolution of the cycle isn't met.

Trauma cannot and will never be fully cleared from the body by working solely with the conscious mind - which is why I do what I do with my somatic release practice.

In our face-paced, uber-driven world, that means most of us are carrying varying degrees of unprocessed nervous system cycles that are aching for resolution.

Whether we consciously allocate the time and enlist the help to process them or not, our subconscious continues to broadcast their signal into the world to manifest patterns of identical circumstances, events and even people to force us to re-live and hopefully re-solve and clear any patterns stuck in our system.



I've found that what always takes precedent first manifesting into your experience will always
be the unresolved trauma cycles of your subconscious...

So, trauma resolution & manifestation are connected? 


Darling, YES! Manifesting - or if you prefer, we could use creating, even goal-achieving - is inextricably linked to all of your unfinished nervous system cycles. 


Many New Age books, like ‘The Secret’ and ‘Law of Attraction,’ and spiritual teachers have popularized the mistruth that manifestation – ie. achieving anything you desire – is the sole work of the conscious mind – seeing it, writing it, reading it, feeling it as if it were happening now.

While these are all important components of manifesting, you simply cannot and will not manifest with your conscious mind, your prefrontal cortex, alone.


...regardless of what your conscious mind focuses on, sees, feels or believes is possible to happen or even is programming to happen now.

This does not imply that you’re not in the driver seat of your life or perception of experiences. Simply that the you are not the truest version of the powerful force that is you if you do not marry conscious and unconscious practices to architect the world, and story, you choose.

Coming the most fully into wholeness, aliveness & possibility by building a clear channel through your subconscious is your birthright & I’m tirelessly dedicated to helping you claim it.

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Here's what some of my incredible, courageous, candid clients have to say about working with me: <3

(but trust me, the privilege and honor to guide these women is truly all mine.) 

Aviana A.
New York, NY

"As an engineer by day and Broaway performer by night, I found myself often caught in a cycle of sympathetic, "stuck on" mode. So much of my identity was built around the hustle of accomplishing and when I first came to Christine, I was very concerned about this healing work taking away my ability to be productive. Funny to look back at those early sessions now!

All I can say about this somatic coaching and Christine is nothing but great things. She guided me continually and safely deep into parts of my psyche, that felt like some otherworldly trip (but without drugs!)

I felt the shift from the very start, identifying what was causing various modes of operating and survival strategies that kept me burned out but "successful."

And that also kept me tapped out and not fully feeling or present with those I loved and cared about.

Now, on the other side of a 4 month container with Christine, I feel so clear and truly whole. I had a deep core wounding of "not enough" that feels now totally resolved.

What's more, I'm writing music again with an ease and flow like I've never felt. This is the best thing I've ever  done!

Jennifer B.
Boulder, CO

"I've been on that merry-go-round of health practitioners costing me upwards of $35,000 over the past few years in an attempt to heal the root cause of persistent pain and mysterious physical symptoms. 

Christine helped me understand that non-trauma informed doctors can and will often misdiagnose somatic manifestations of physical illness and symptoms as 'all in your head,' when that couldn't be further from the truth.

In fact, all the illness and physical symptoms I was having were in the nervous system physiology and Christin helped me profoundly shift that, giving me my life back. 

Everything I tired in the past just didn't work or made my experience worse. I'm so grateful to have found Christine and her work.

I was able to truly resolve root nervous system level stuff that was the key to recovery. I have my life back and such profound gratitude for this somatic integration work.


It was a privilege to work with Christine. A must try! "

Katy D.
Monarch Beach, CA

"I had never tried this type of therapy work in the water, but love the ocean so I went into the experience with an open mind.


Christine is an absolute water angel! Her kindness and presence made me feel safe to try this new healing modality.


Her pre-water coaching to set mindful intentions for the session made the experience feel sacred & ceremonial. She gave a thorough overview of what would take place during our session to make me feel at ease.


As soon as I laid back and floated in her arms, listening to soul soothing music being played from UNDERWATER, I literally felt myself relax into another dimension of tranquility!

The bliss and peace I felt was like nothing I’d experienced before!Honestly, it felt like a sacred birthing or baptism into the new golden era. My body felt so calm as she moved me into different positions- almost felt like underwater tai chi/ballet moves.


I had amazing meditative visions as the underwater soundtrack changed rhythms. When she gently sat me back up from floating, I couldn’t believe 50 minutes went so fast. I could've stayed with her in the pool all day! 


Honestly I’ve tried almost every holistic healing modality out there, and my somatic integration experience with Christine out of and then in the water was by FAR the most transformative experience yet!


WITH ALL MY HEART, I highly recommend sessions with Christine!"

Sarah L.
Beaver Creek, CO

"My healing journey has included many diverse modalities, but none have compared to the time I spent with Christine exploring somatic experiencing and in-water integrative therapy. I have suffered from severe illness due to faulty breast implants for the last decade, and recently diagnosed lyme disease, of which the symptoms have been debilitating and insidious.

Traditional talk therapies and supplements had not done much to relieve my struggles, but I have a profound connection with the water which drew me to Christine's somatic healing work. 

The time we spent in sessions was soulful, explorative and thought-provoking; and my body and mind were easily opened to healing current and past issues through discovering the links between both.

Christine helped me to identify where in the body I was storing past traumas and how they have been affecting my current experience. 

During sessions, both in and out of the water, she incorporated movement to help release emotions that surfaced and threatened to stagnate my progress. She was always very aware of changes in my voice and body position and offered help exploring those changes and bringing them to my attention for healing.

This experience pivoted my healing in a profoundly positive manner and has catalyzed the physical repair and healing aspects necessary for my full recovery after having met, felt and released much of the stored toxic stress and survival physiology that was greatly impeding my healing process. Christine is an amazing healer and I look forward to working with her more and seeing more of what she does and can help others in the world with too!"


“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune
without the words - 
And never stops - at all.

Emily Dickinson

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